National Park Project

What is The National Park Project? The National Park Project began as a lifetime goal for both of us to accomplish together. It is in essence the idea of getting to know each and every national park in our great nation. We say get to know and not just visit, because typically there is quite a bit more to most of our national parks than a quick visit will cover and we want to truly see what they have to offer. Join us over the next 50 years or so, as we check off the parks one by one. We promise to let you know which ones are our favorites.

Oh and just to clarify, we are at the moment only counting national parks. Monuments, recreation areas, etc. while often times beautiful and interesting, aren't part of the project.
Visited: Map | List    Not Visited: Map |  List Visited 39 out of 59 parks
 Park Name:  State:  Date Created:
Acadia National Park Maine February 26th, 1919
Big Bend National Park Texas June 20th, 1935
Carlsbad Caverns National Park New Mexico May 14th, 1930
Congaree National Park South Carolina November 10th, 2003
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio October 11th, 2000
Death Valley National Park California, Nevada October 31st, 1994
Gates of the Arctic National Park Alaska December 2nd, 1980
Glacier Bay National Park Alaska December 2nd, 1980
Great Smoky Mountains National Park North Carolina, Tennessee May 22nd, 1926
Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas October 15th, 1966
Hot Springs National Park Arkansas March 4th, 1921
Isle Royale National Park Michigan March 3rd, 1931
Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska December 2nd, 1980
Kobuk Valley National Park Alaska December 2nd, 1980
Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky May 25th, 1926
Pinnacles National Park California January 10th, 2013
Shenandoah National Park Virginia May 22nd, 1926
Virgin Islands National Park United States Virgin Islands August 2nd, 1956
Voyageurs National Park Minnesota January 8th, 1971
Wrangell St. Elias National Park Alaska December 2nd, 1980