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Icicle Ridge Overnighter

We took our friend Connie up Icicle Ridge for an overnight getaway

Begin Date:

End Date:

2009-05-02: 4.59 mi
2009-05-03: 3.76 mi

Total: 8.34 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
3995.04ft (1218.481m)

Minimum Elevation*:
1193.92ft (364.683m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

All three of us (Tracy, Jason, and our friend Connie) had that itch to getout and about again. However, since most of the trails over near Seattle were still snow covered we decided we would try our luck with the something near Leavenworth were we could at least drive to the trailhead.

We left Saturday morning from Redmond at about 7AM and despite a less than perfect weather report, the weather seemed to be fairly nice. We made it over to Leavenworth at around 9AM, hit a Safeway for some last minute food items, and then made a beeline for the trailhead.

Once at the trailhead, we packed our things, did the pre-hike routine (duct tape on the heals), and were off by around 11AM.

The trail starts immediately climbing at a steady pace, begining the switchbacks after about 1/4 mile. It continues to switchback up the side of the ridge for about a 1000 vertical feet, alternating between previously burned areas and patches of denser, less fire touched forest. The trail then gains the ridge at which point it forks, one side heading back towards Leavenworth to a small hillside, while they other veers off to the left and up the ridge.

Connie and Tracy having fun on the trail:
Again Ryan you don't know what you are missing out on!

We took the left fork as we were hoping to get up to snow line in order to level out some snow for a place to pitch our tent.

The trail continues to swtichback up the left side of the ridge, occasionally gaining the ridge briefly before heading back along the left side. When up on the ridge, the views of the Wenatchee River and Hiway 2 are good, but not spectacular.

Our trip to that point was rather uneventful until Tracy decided to liven it up a bit when we took what was supposed to be a short break. Unfortunately when dropping the packs for a moment, Tracy neglected to make sure that she was setting hers in a way that it wouldn't roll. As soon as she let go of it, it began to roll down the trail. Jason just missed grabbing it, and we all stood and watched with amazement as it began to make a hasty decent down the side of the mountain. The pack continued to pick up speed, bouncing over shrubs, fallen logs, and the switchbacking trail below, almost taking out a few hikers on the way down, who heard us yelling from above. Luckily the backpack finaly got itself wedged in between a couple of logs about 300 vertical feet below. Upon reaching the pack we were absolutley shocked that other than a bit of dirt, the pack was unscathed. Keep in mind there were quite a few items hanging off the outside of the pack, most of which we thought would have been torn off. Needless to say, we both have a much greater respect for our Arc'Teryx packs.

Tragedy mostly averted, we continued up the switchbacks for a bit longer before finding a fairly level spot just big enough for our tent and with a large mound of snow only a few yards away (Important as there isn't any flowing water up there).

We quickly set up camp as the weather seemed to be turning on us, and began to settle in for the evening with a couple of beers and of course, some cheap bourbon.

Luckily for us, as soon as the tent was setup and camp was made, the clouds lightened and the sun even made a couple brief but appreciated showings. At about that time, we found a tick on Sasha, but removed it without much trouble. THere are lots of ticks up in that area so if you are bringing a dog up there, be sure to check it often.

Here is the tick we pulled off Sasha:
The bugger that drank Sasha's blood. YUCK!

From then until we went to bed, we mostly relaxed, talked, and ate (We had our dinners, plus Connie packed a great deal of treats for us)

Jason preparing his dinner:
Yummers! Dinner time!

The next morning we were greated to a beautiful blue cloudless sky. We quickly packed up camp, snapped a couple of group shots, and began back down the trail.

The hike back the car was quick, but nice due to it being all downhill and of course because the weather was perfect. Once back on the road, we stopped in Leavenworth for some breakfast and headed back to Redmond and unfortunately, realty as well.