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North Fork of the Skokomish & Six Ridge

A Memorial Day trip to the Skokomish River in ONP

Begin Date:

End Date:

2009-05-23: 3.54 mi
2009-05-23: 10.29 mi
2009-05-24: 11.06 mi
2009-05-25: 6.64 mi

Total: 31.53 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
3968.8ft (1210.452m)

Minimum Elevation*:
764.24ft (233.238m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

With exceptional weather (Especially for Seattle this time of year) forecasted for the entire three day weekend, we knew we didn't have a choice but to get out and enjoy the natural world. Crowds be damned, it was Memorial Day weekend, and we were going to enjoy it.

We settled on the Skokomish River in ONP because neither of us had been there and we were told by the rangers that it would be mostly snow free at that point. Good enough for us.

Day 1

OK, so about the enjoying Memorial Day weekend, that would prove a bit more difficult than we had earlier anticipated. With bags packed and everything ready to go, Jason headed to work early in an effort to get out of town before the amatuers hit the road for the upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, while at work, Jason began to feel a bit under the weather, but figured it would pass.

Well, it didn't. In fact, it didn't do anything but get worse. Nevertheless, we were still determined to have fun and enjoy ourselves, so we pushed on and hit the road at about 2PM, no where near early enough to beat that pesky Memorial Day traffic.

So there we were, stuck in traffic in Federal Way, with the hot sun beating down. That's not a good situation for someone who feels less than 100%. Actually at this point, Jason was feeling about 50%, with the other 50% gurgling inside of him, threatening to make an appearance. I'll spare you the details, but I'm sure you know what came next. Luckily we had been slightly prepared so the mess was contained and dropped off at the nearest Park and Ride trashcan (We really did feel bad about the person who had to pickup that trash can).

The good news is that Jason felt much much better after that ordeal and our determination had not waivered in the slightest way. We were still going to enjoy this weekend.

We spent another couple of hours in the car making our way around the south end of Puget Sound. Jason's condition, much like our current location, was still heading south. No worries though, we were still pack full of determination. We would enjoy the weekend.

We arrived at Staircase at about 7:30PM after a couple stops and found the camping area to be beyond packed with family campers. We had hoped that we might be able to see if Jason could rest overnight and potentially feel better. Looks like we would be hitting the trail for the nearest campsite. A quick conversation with the ranger and we found that to be an area called slide camp about 1 mile away. Perfect! Get the packs ready. We would get there, or die trying (Remember the whole determination thing).

Unfortunately, mother nature wasn't quite done toying with Jason and sent him to the outhouse for some last minute pound shaving exercises. Thank god nobody was in there when he busted through the door. It was bad enough that someone had to go in there after he was done (By the way, in case you have the wrong thing in your head, we are talking about vomit here).

The good news, Jason weighed a little less. The bad news, Jason had zero food or water in his system, and was feeling beyond weak.