Key: 2009-05-30:    

Camp Muir Dayhike

A training climb to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier

Begin Date:

End Date:

2009-05-30: 8.98 mi

Total: 8.98 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
10082.72ft (3074.016m)

Minimum Elevation*:
5336.56ft (1627.584m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

We wanted to push ourselves a bit and see what sort of shape we were in with just over a month left to go before our actual Rainier summit attempt.

So with that we woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, grabbed our already packed bags, made a quick breakfast, and were on the road by 5AM.

We arrived at Paradise at about 8:30, quickly got our things together and began the long steady march up to Camp Muir.

Here is an early shot of Jason in front of the mountain
Jason enjoying the only shade of the day.

The climb went as most climbs do to Camp Muir. It is a long steady march up a very large snow field. There really isn't too much to comment on, aside from the fantastic weather, blue skies, and great respect for the powers of sunscreen. The problem with climbing those mountains in the sun, is that not only do you get all of the sun's light from above, but you also get it from the reflection off the snow. So needless to way we were tossing on much SPF 50 as we could manage, and for the most part, it worked wonders.

Moving along, we both did exceptionally well pulling into Muir about 4.5 hours after we left the car. Jason was thrilled because he actually felt pretty good up there which is not very common for him. Usually he feels pretty crappy due to the altitude.

We stayed at Muir for about 20 minutes, munching on our sandwiches and getting ourselves ready for the decent.

Tracy getting ready at Camp Muir:
Time to pack up and put on the goretex to try and slide down the mountain!

We were hoping the way back down would be filled with an abundance of glissade paths, but much to our dismay, we ended up making most of them ourselves, with mixed results. If the slope wasn't steep enough and with the snow being as soft as it was, we would simply sink. We did manage to get a few good ones going, but not enough as we would have liked.

All in all it was great dayhike. We made it to Muir quickly with both of us feeling very good. We couldn't complain at all about the weather, and best of all, we both had fun, and really that is the most important part of all, well that and getting home in one piece.