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Barclay Lake

A quick Friday night trip up to nearby Barclay Lake

Begin Date:

End Date:

2010-02-20: 0.79 mi
2010-02-20: 2 mi

Total: 2.79 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
2460ft (750.345m)

Minimum Elevation*:
2236.96ft (682.791m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

This was really just a quick attempt to get out of town on a friday and enjoy the great weather (Cloudless, not warm) that was supposed to be in the area. Also Jason really wanted to try his hand at some star trails and for the most part, cold and cloudless nights are one of the best times to do them.

We both pretty much left straight from work on Friday in order to beat a little of the traffic and try to start hiking before night hit us. It isn't fun to hike in the dark, but sometimes it is necessary. Luckily though we did get the trailhead with enough time to make it to the lake before the sun completely set. It was close though.

The trail was as it usually is, short and well maintained, so we had zero issues getting there. We arrived slightly before twilight and found there was only one other group camping overnight so we pretty much had our choice of sites. As we decided on which spot we wanted, we made our way around the far side of the lake to where Barclay Creek flows in. There is a small but rather long peninsula located there which had good views and little in the way of shrubs so it would make a good place to play (Jason to take pics, Tracy to fish).

We enjoyed ourselves for a bit, watching the last remnants of day slip into the night until there were only stars an a very bright moon moving slowly behind a very imposing Mt. Barring.

Here is the moonlight shining through a crack on Mt Barring:
Mt. Barring hiding the moon.

Shortly after, Jason setup the camera to start his first series of star trails, while Tracy and Sasha tried to keep warm. It was starting to get a little chilly out, which lead to our decision to just setup camp out on the peninsula instead of heading back to one of the spots in the trees. It would be much colder, but we would then be by the camera for when Jason would finish his first series and begin on the second.

Once camp was up, it wasn't too long before we were both inside, warming up, and getting ready to settle in for the night. We read a couple of Montana ghost stories before finally calling it a night and drifting off to sleep.

Our tent lit up from the inside with a lantern and the setting moon in the background:
Tracy and Sasha inside the tent holding very still for these shots!

We awoke with similar weather as we had seen the night before, very cold but also very pretty. There is certainly something about waking up in teh backcounty to a bright blue sky. It really is a wonderful way to start the day, and for a February day in Seattle, we couldn't ask for anything better.

In good spirits, we packed up our stuff, said goodbye to Barclay lake, and hit the trail back to a very busy trailhead. Thank god for Friday night backpacking trips, because from the looks of it, Barclay Lake would have a great deal more visitors that night.

Here are the 2 star trail pics from the trip in case you are interested:
Looking at Polaris (AKA the North Star, it's the bright one with the smallest trail just to the lower left of the center). This shot is the culmination of around 130 60 second exposures (With about 1 second in between) shot at F2.8 ISO320. The pictures were taken with an Olympus EP-1.

Another star trail and this one actually being my first ever looking south toward Mt. Barring. The primary constellations here are Orion (In the bottom left, you can see the 3 star trails of his belt start all at the same place) and the Pleiades( The small group of bluish stars starting right above Mt. Barring). This image is formed from around 120 60sec. exposures shot at F4 ISO400. It was also shot with an Olympus EP-1.