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Colonel Bob

A quick trip up Colonel Bob via Pete's Creek trail

Begin Date:

End Date:

2010-06-26: 11.86 mi

Total: 11.86 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
4608.4ft (1405.278m)

Minimum Elevation*:
885.6ft (270.158m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

Pete's Creek trail, despite what many have heard, is almost completely free of downed trees when going up from the Humptulips side. There maybe 3 total down, and only one is any sort of an obstacle. I hear from the Quinault side it is still pretty bad however with hundreds of downed logs.

Beyond the junction with the summit trail, there wasn't any snow until Moonshine Flats at which point it becomes kind of hard to follow the trail due to the snow. We still managed, but had to retrace our steps once or twice.

At the base of the ridge the snow more or less becomes solid all the way up to the summit block at which point it stops leaving a completely dry summit block.

There are amazing views of most of the Olympics from up on the summit and we both felt it was more than worth the effort, espeically since this was our first time.

There weren't any major issues on the way down, except a minor ankle twist, but that is really par for the course these days.

View of Olympus from the top:

Mt. Olympus from the summit of Col. Bob.