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Lake Chelan Kayak Trip

A kayaking trip on Lake Chelan for Memorial Day

Begin Date:

End Date:

2011-05-28: 3.56 mi
2011-05-28: 7.36 mi
2011-05-29: 3.47 mi
2011-05-30: 7.33 mi

Total: 21.73 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
1220.16ft (372.913m)

Minimum Elevation*:
816.72ft (249.956m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

Day 1: 25 Mile Creek State Park to Deer Point

We arrived at 25 Mile Creek State Park at around 8PM after pushing through the typical Memorial Day traffic. Though technically the boat launch was close due to low water, we were still able to use the ramp for kayaks, which was nice because we had it all to ourselves. After a quick load up, of the boats, we tossed Izzy in her box and pushed off into a very peaceful Lake Chelan. It was almost twilight at that point so we hurried accross the Lake to lower the risk of other boat traffic. Headlamps also came out to aid in that regard. Once to the other side of the lake, we turned northwest and continued on the Deer point arriving around 10PM.

We were pleasently surprised to find that there were still quite a few spots open. We unpacked, setup camp, and enjoyed the rest of the night around the fire until our sleeping bags beckoned. We didn't put up much of a fight.
ay 2: Deer Point to Corral Creek

We woke up to beautiful weather, but unfortunatly it was rather short lived. The wind began to pickup and clouds moved in while we were breaking camp. It didn't deter us in the boats however as we paddled along through some light rain arriving at Saftey Harbor abotu 3 miles up stream for a nice break. While we were relaxing the weather seemed to turn yet again and actually became quite nice.

We then paddled back accross the lake to check out the sites on the south side. When first reached Big Creek, which as it turns out, is in need of some serious dock repair. This pretty much makes the site unusable, so we paddled on reaching Corral Creek shortly after. Corral Creek was very well kept and almsot a perfect site if not for the lack of nearby firewood. It was also empty which made us all happy. It would be our home for the night.

Day 3: Corral Creek to Safety Harbor

We awoke to a very hazy morning. Unfortunatly it would seem that a wild fire must have broken out during the night leaving washed out mountains and that eeire orange sun which seems ominous at best. Not wanting to deal with a lack of firewood and keeping in mind that if we didn't head back towards 25 Mile Creek, we decided to paddle back accross the lake to Saftey harbor, leaving us with only about 7 miles out for the next morning.

The paddle was nice with the sun rising above most of the haze, but it was also short lived as it was only about 3 miles back to Safety harbor. Once back, we all participated in our normal camp shenanigans. Sean found a log to use as a paddleboard, Jason carved a shotglass (Which did get some use) and tracy tried her hand at fishing but was cut short when a freak 30 minute storm rolled through. The hazy air needed a little water, so it wasn't all bad. The weather seemed to improve from then on even giving us a good amount of stars for the night, though the wind never completely subsided.

Day 4: Safety Harbor to 25 Mile Creek

As usual Tracy and Jason were on their get up and out early style, which typically clashes with Sean's sleep in and relax style. We more or less compromised pushing off at about 8:30AM for our final paddle back to 25 mile creek. It was a bit windy, but nothing too serious. We made it back to 25 Mile Creek at about noon where our minds were already trying to prepare for the long drive home. It was a good trip however, so we all still had smiles on our faces.