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Cape Alava - Sand Point - Lake Ozette

Our backpacking trip to the Olympic Coast

Begin Date:

End Date:

2008-04-11: 4.33 mi
2008-04-12: 4.09 mi
2008-04-13: 3.26 mi

Total: 11.69 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
236.16ft (72.899m)

Minimum Elevation*:
-13.12ft (-4.711m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

We took this trip in an attempt to get some decent backpacking in that didn't involve snow since we have had about all we can stand of that this year. So Friday morning we packed up the old Jeep and headed west.

We took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry accross the sound and headed up highway 101. After a few quick stops, including one at ONP Headquarters (To get our backcountry permit and to rent a bear canister), we reached Ozette Lake Ranger Station and got ready to hoof it the rest of the way to the coast.

Interesting enough, I ran into an old friend from college, a guy by the name of Mike Adamek, and his lady friend getting ready to do the same. I haven't seen him in a very long time so it was good to see he was doing well.

At about 2PM, we finally hit the trail. We had heard from a multitude of sources that the Cape Alava/Sand Point trails were mostly boardwalk, but I don't think it registered that it would be ALL boardwalk. It was kind of nice at first, but eventually stepping on somewhat wet and often very rough planks gets old and we found ourselves longing for a traditional trail. Also, being on a perpetual bridge doesn't bode well for our treking pole weilding ways (Lots of little nooks to get the tips caught in).

We reached Cape Alava at sometime around 3PM, and for a moment thought we were in trouble as most of the campsites within the immediate distance were already taken. Fortunately, about a quarter mile to the north we found plenty of unoccupied spots and were able to find a very pleasant one right on the edge of the beach. We quickly setup the tent and got settled.
Camp at Cape Alava.

As we had heard from the ranger while getting our backcountry pass, this area was full of Bald Eagles and that certainly turned out to be the case. For the remainder of the afternoon, we saw an innumerable amount of them. Here is a couple of pics of them.
Bald eagle soaring over the coast.

Bald Eagle