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First backpacking trip for Ali

The first backpacking trip for Ali to the Lower S. Fork of the Skokomish

Begin Date:

End Date:

2013-03-30: 3.69 mi
2013-03-31: 3.4 mi

Total: 7.1 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
984ft (300.897m)

Minimum Elevation*:
626.48ft (191.519m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

03.30.13 - Ali's first backpacking trip:

Desperately needing to get out and spend the night in a tent far from a car, we decided to take advantage of the early season sun and get the backpacking gear out. We chose the South Fork of the Skokomish River as we have in the past around this time of year. The location works well for us as its almost always snow free, doesn't have restrictions on puppies, and is very private.

So off we went. We arrived in the early evening by design (Wanted to setup camp just before Ali's bedtime). We parked up at the higher of the two trailheads. The one that apparently is also used for horses as it's a bit less crowded and doesn't require an initial climb. After a short getting ready period, we loaded Ali securely in the Ali backpack, clipped Izzy securely on the Izzy leash, and hit the trail.

For the most part the trail was in good shape, a couple of blow downs here and there and of course the standard post winter tree shedding littering the ground. The trail miles rolled by quickly and before we knew it we were beginning our search for a campsite. Shortly after, we reached a familiar looking creek area and decided to head out towards the river there. It wasn't long before we spotted the same distinct cliff/claybank that we had camped at a few years earlier. Coincidentally, this was the same campsite that we had taken Izzy on her first backpacking trip. What a special spot.

We fed the two little ones while setting up camp and let Ali play to heart's content in our new ultralight 4 man tent (#6 tent in our collection by the way). Ali seemed to completely enjoy her free reign inside tent among the sleeping pads and bags, climbing on and exploring the things that interested her. The tent walls were a bit more difficult to pull herself up on than she was used to, but she still managed and didn't seem to be too discouraged.

As the sun set, we put Ali down, officially declared it happy hour, and got our dinners ready. The once very familiar routine of re-hydrating the freeze dried meals mixed with occasional pulls of bourbon brought back many fond pre-Ali memories. Oh those were the days we say, but the truth is there will be many more nights under the stars and an equal amount of memories to go with them. We are both overly excited to watch Ali grow and to see her passion for the outdoors grow with her as it has with both of us.

I would say more about the way out, but really there isn't much. Up early as usual and back to the car as a gorgeous day unfolded. Truly it was a good trip. A first for Ali, and really a first for us as a family. No complaints about that.