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An Overnight Trip to Baker Lake

A trip to the snow free Baker Lake that hides in the shadow of Mt. Baker.

Begin Date:

End Date:

2008-05-17: 4.69 mi
2008-05-18: 4.01 mi

Total: 8.7 mi

Maximum Elevation*:
1036.48ft (316.144m)

Minimum Elevation*:
206.64ft (63.508m)

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* This is derived from GPS data and can have major discrepancies due to poor GPS reception.

Trip Report:

We left Redmond at about 7AM in order to beat what we imagined would be a lot of hikers/paddlers into the site.

We quickly made our way to the trail head with only a couple of stops and arrived at just past 9AM. We packed our gear and hit the trail, leaving at somewhere around 9:30.

The trail was in incredible shape, much much better than most are this year. It was smooth, all the bridges were in place and functioning, and best of all. It was snow free.

At about 1.6 miles, we came to Anderson Creek which had apparently knocked down a bridge in the past, and despite the trail head posting saying that there wasn't a bridge to cross it, there was a perfectly good log complete with a cable rail.
70 plus degree weather =snow run off!

Tracy crossing the creek.

If you did have to cross the creek, you would be in trouble though, the water was deep and very swift as you can see.

We continued on the trail getting occasional views of Mt Baker and Baker Lake through the trees until we reached Maple Grove, which would be our home for the night.

There were already two groups camping there, and there are only 6 spots at this site, so we were lucky to get there when we did. As ours was the only private on left. Also not long after we arrived, quite a few other parties showed up including a troop of scouts.

Here is our spot:
One of 6 actual spots on the lake. There was only one more after we took this one.

The rest of the afternoon/evening went by slowly (which is really what you strive for). We tried to stay in the shade for most of the time, since the sun was unrelenting, and that helped a bit, but it was still way too hot for May.

The sunset yielded a couple of good pics, though it wasn't as colorful as we were hoping for.

Here is Baker:
More sunset.

and here is Shuksan:
Mt. Shuksan taken through polarized sunglasses.

Not long after the sunset, we decided to call it a night and tucked ourselves in for a good night's sleep.

We awoke at about 7AM packed our things, and bid farewell to Baker Lake and its towering surrounding peaks. The trip out was rather uneventful, but still very pleasant.

We made it back to the car at 9:07AM, so the hike out only took us just over an hour.

Overall, it was a great trip, we had lots of sun, beautiful peaks to look at, and no snow. We'll both take that anytime we can get it.