Madcampers Summit Checklist

This is our official summit register/checklist. We would like to point out that is really pretty informal, comprised of both peaks that we have summited as well as some of the bigger ones that we really would like to summit. Also please note that we will only consider a peak summited if both Tracy and Jason have summited the mountain. For example, Jason has climbed Mt. Hood while Tracy has not, so it would go in the not summited category. Let us know if you see anything out of place, otherwise, enjoy!
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Summit Name: Elevation: State: Climbed:
Angels Landing 5,790 ft UT Yes
Bandera Mountain 5,200 ft WA Yes
Beckler Peak 5,062 ft WA Yes
Blue Mountain 6,007 ft WA Yes
Camelback Mountain 2,704 ft AZ Yes
Clouds Rest 9,930 ft CA Yes
Colonel Bob 4,492 ft WA Yes
Glacier Peak 10,541 ft WA No
Glacier Peak 10,541 ft WA No
Granite Mountain 5,629 ft WA Yes
Haleakala 10,023 ft HI Yes
Half Dome 8,836 ft CA Yes
High Dune 8,691 ft CO Yes
Kamiak Butte 3 ft WA Yes
Mailbox Peak 4,926 ft WA Yes
Mauna Kea 13,796 ft HI Yes
McClellan Butte 5,162 ft WA Yes
Middle Sister 10,047 ft OR No
Mt. Alava 1,600 ft AS Yes
Mt. Baker 10,781 ft WA Yes
Mt. Constance 7,743 ft WA No
Mt. Defiance 5,584 ft WA Yes
Mt. Dickerman 5,723 ft WA Yes
Mt. McKinley (Denali) 20,320 ft AK No
Mt. Olympus 7,969 ft WA Yes
Mt. Persis 5,464 ft WA Yes
Mt. Pilchuck 5,324 ft WA Yes
Mt. Rainier 14,410 ft WA Yes
Mt. Si 4,167 ft WA Yes
Mt. St. Helens 8,365 ft WA Yes
North Sister 10,085 ft OR No
Sleeping Giant (Nounou Mountain) 1,241 ft HI Yes
South Sister 10,358 ft OR No
Sunrise Mountain 5,033 ft WA Yes
The Brothers 6,842 ft WA No
Three Fingers 6,870 ft WA Yes
Tiger Mountain 3,004 ft WA Yes
Watchman Peak 7,881 ft OR Yes