Jason's Pounding Off Again

What exactly is pounding off?
Well, again Jason's getting a bit large around his midsection and wants to get back in Speedo shape for the upcoming February trip to Hawaii. So simply put, pounding off is losing fat and gaining muscle this time around.
Why does he need to pound off?
According to Jason, it's because he was a bear in a former life and this is just residual hibernation weight. In realty it's a combination of football season, crappy Seattle winter weather, and very healthy dallup of laziness. In any event it's time to get back in shape for Hawaii and for the summer.

How does he plan to pound off?
Last year's goal was just to lose weight. Jason feels the plan worked well, he did lose weight. This year however, Jason finally has his weights setup again (thanks to lots of room in the new house) so the plan is to not just trim, but to replace the fat with hard muscle. That being said, don't expect a dramatic weight loss in pounds, in fact he might even put on a few, but the idea is that there will be less fat on his body. Muscle weighs a lot and with all the extra protein he'll be eating, he will surely gain at least a little.

What's the goal?
Easy, the goal is to get more toned and lose some of the fat. Anything is better than nothing. It will really be hard to gauge jsut how well Jason's done as there won't be any hard numbers for validation. There will however be a monthly pic to take a gander at and see how it's coming along
Begining Weight: 282.2lbs
Current Weight: 284.2lbs
Days Doing It: 2120 Days

Total Weight Lost: